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The following table contains known issues, scheduled bug fixes, and feature improvements for the Torizon Cloud project. The tickets are split into two major states:

  • Submitted (open): new features and bug fixes for Torizon Cloud versions that have not yet been released. They may be scheduled for a specific release version; not planned; or in our backlog. All of them have one of the following states:
    • Known Issue: a bug or unexpected behavior that has been reported and pending a fix. Once fixed, the status will transition to Fixed.
    • Feature Request: a new feature that may be added to a future release. Once released, the status will transition to New Feature.
  • Released (closed): new features and bug fixes for BSP versions that have already been released. All of them have one of the following states:
    • Fixed: a bug that has been fixed and released.
    • New Feature: something that didn't exist before and was added to a news release.

Any schedules are not guaranteed but reflect the current planning. The planning could be shifted due to priority changes.
Issues that are scheduled for a specific version will be integrated into the mentioned version of the BSP.

We will update this table continuously in order to always provide the latest state of our development plan.

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Issue #StatusSubjectSeverity

OTA-824Feature RequestAs a user, I want to be able to delete uploaded packages from the UILow

Description: User-uploaded packages can currently be deleted from TorizonCore Builder, but not from the web UI. We would like to allow users to delete packages from the web UI as well.

Workaround: Use TorizonCore Builder to delete packages.

OTA-757Feature RequestAs fleet operator or developer, I want to be able to mark a docker-compose target as being compatible with only certain base imagesLow

Description: In some cases, containerized applications may depend on certain features in the base image, such as specific drivers. We want to be able to add compatibility tags to our application packages, so that we don't accidentally install a version of the application that isn't compatible with the base system.

Not Planned
OTA-611Not PlannedOS and Application packages do not list a size in the UILow

Description: Packages do not list a size in the OTA UI, making it difficult to plan for the amount of bandwidth required. For both types of update we deliver, the update system tries to download as little as possible, so total size of the download depends on the objects already available on the targeted device. In the case of containerized application updates, it depends on what layers are present; for OS updates using OSTree, it depends on what files are already present in the currently-running base OS. Therefore, we don't presently have a way to accurately calculate the total amount of bandwidth that will be used, and that amount may be different for different devices. We do not currently have a feature to attempt to dynamically calculate bandwidth usage per-device in our roadmap.

OTA-556FixedOSTree Images are not correctly downloading from treehubLow

Description: Aktualizr is seeing 404s instead of downloading the ostree objects.

OTA-530FixedUpdating docker-compose.yml fails (unable to download)Critical

Description: Updating docker-compose.yml fails (unable to download target)

OTA-527FixedUpdates are not applied to devicesCritical

Description: Aktualizr logs `snapshot metadata hash verification failed` or `targets metadata hash verification failed` Some debugging has revealed these errors might not be related. Aktualizr often logs "verification failed", as a reason to go off and retrieve the latest from the server. The Installation report for updates (viewable when running `aktualizr --loglevel 0`) shows the installation result of an update as failing and the reason for failure is "VERIFICATION_FAILED"

OTA-482New FeatureAdd a "Refresh" button on most pagesLow

Description: Add a "Refresh" button on Devices Panel

Workaround: Refresh all of OTA dashboard

OTA-409New FeatureFrontend to support displaying toradex delegated targets (toradex published targets)Low

Description: Support displaying Toradex delegated targets