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Reference Designs

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Toradex provides reference designs of its off-the-shelf carrier boards and accessories. These reference designs include schematics, layout and IPC-7351 compliant component libraries in Altium designer format. We also provide the schematics in PDF format for quick reference.

We encourage our customers to use the reference designs as a starting point for any custom board design. By re-using hardware subsystems already deployed on our off-the-shelf solutions, you can ensure that you are starting from a design which works along with our System on Modules.

Verdin Development Board

Dahlia Carrier Board

Apalis Evaluation Board

Toradex in partnership with Altium provides the Altium Designer Web Viewer for your convenience, where you can review the schematics, PCB layers and 3D model of the Apalis Evaluation Board quickly and easily:

Ixora Carrier Board

Colibri Evaluation Board

Iris Carrier Board

Viola Carrier Board

Aster Carrier Board

Colibri HDMI Adapter


For more free downloads of the reference designs, please refer to the relevant carrier board and accessories on our Products page.

We also provide a reference design on using a second Ethernet controller on Colibri VFxx.