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Video BIOS (Woodpecker, Robin)

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Article updated at 27 Sep 2012

The Toradex Video BIOS comes with settings for already most of the display use in the field.

If your display is not supported by our video drivers you need to create your own one.

To do this you will need the IEGD Tool from Intel.

After generating the Video BIOS you have to copy the Video BIOS to the BIOS. To do this you need a tool. This tool depends on the BIOS that is used. If an Award BIOS is used, the required tool is CBROM.EXE, if the AMI BIOS is used, the tool is MMTOOL. Unfortunately both tools are provided by the BIOS manufacturer and Toradex is not allowed to distribute it to the customer. Toradex offer the service of changing boot logos and Video BIOS for the fee of support hours. Please contact the Toradex support for more information.