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Transition to new Colibri PXA320(IT) V2.0

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Article updated at 17 Jul 2019
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Affected Modules

  • Colibri XScale PXA320 806MHz
  • Colibri XScale PXA320IT 806MHz 520MHz

Description of Changes

  • National LP3972SQ is deployed as PMIC (Power Management IC), replacing MAX8661

  • DF_ALE_nWE (nPWE) signal on SODIMM pin 99 can now be disabled by Software (default state

during Reset: disabled)

  • Audio and touch controller: Wolfson UCB1400 (which is EOL).

  • A new revision of the Ethernet controller (AX88796C) is assembled, providing reduced power


  • New revision of the NAND Flash die. Samsung 8Gbit NAND Flash (from K9K8G08U0B to K9K8G08U0D)

Customer Impact

We tried to keep the impact on customer as small as possible. In most cases a SW update will make the Colibri 100% compatible. However, there are some cases which may require small HW changes on the base board.

Hardware Design

  • While the general functionality remains the same, the new audio codec on the Colibri 320 alters some of the signal characteristics
SODIMM Pins Description Impact
9,10,11,12 Analog power supply pins No changes should be required. However, make sure you connected them even if you don't use the audio codec.
14,16,18,20 Touch signals Other registry settings may be required to use the Touch Screen.
2,4,6,8 Analog inputs Maximal Voltage changed. New max voltage: channel 0,1, and 3: 3.3V. Channel 2: 5V. 7.5V is out of the absolute maximum ratings and will destroy the audio codec. New 12bit resolution.
13,15,17 Headphone pins Different default volume. Small Different amplifier characteristic. New 18bit resolution.
5,7 LineIn signals Small difference in characteristic. Maybe volume needs to be adjusted. New 18bit resolution.
1,3 Microphone signals With the UCB1400 it was possible to switch the MIC_GND. We added an external circuit to switch the MIC_GND also on the WM9715. You can connect the MIC_GND with the AVSS_AUDIO if you enable the MICBIAS. New 18bit resolution.

The new audio codec makes it possible to interface a 5-wire touch.
For more details please refer to the Wolfson WM9715 datasheet.

  • The problem of the undefined pins at the start is fixed.

However, there are still some small glitches on some pins at start.
(See the Colibri PXA320 datasheet chapter 6.1 for more information about this issue).


In order to support the new PXA320(IT) modules, customers using Windows CE need to upgrade their Toradex Win CE Image to a new Version which provide support for the new HW.

  • The UCB1400 device. If your software interfaces with any of the NXP registers directly, you must update it to support the Wolfson register set.
  • In case the DF_ALE_nWE signal on SODIMM pin 99 is used, its functionality must be enabled (which the CF-card driver of the newest Toradex BSP does automatically).

If DF_ALE_nWE is disabled, the GPIO93 functionality is available on the same SODIMM pin.
The newest BSP will provide a new kernel IOControl [[IOCTL_HAL_ENABLENWE]] to enable or disable the functionality of the DF_ALE_nWE signal. See Enable nWE on SODIMM pin 99 for details.

  • Users of Linux and any other operating systems need to include the respective drivers in order to support the new devices.