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Quick Capture Interface


Article updated at 19 Sep 2018
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The Colibri modules have a quick capture camera interface (CIF, QCIF), which allows directly to connect a camera chip or a video ADC with the Colibri.
A typical camera sensor uses two interfaces

  • I2C
  • CIF

Sensor parameters need to be configured through I2C (resolution, exposure time, and more). The real pixel data are then clocked to the CIF under the sensor's control. The Colibri module needs to be setup correctly in order to receive (and transform) the data.
In order to minimize CPU load, Toradex recommends to use a camera which generates an output that can be shown directly on the display without any color transformations or resizing.

Toradex can provide a software libraries including source code to make it easier to use the Quick Capture Interface. See Colibri Windows CE Features.

Maximum Pixel Clock (CIF_PCLK)

Colibri PXA270 26MHz
Colibri PXA320 48MHz
Colibri PXA310 96MHz
Colibri PXA300 48MHz

Keep in mind that the maximum usable bandwidth is also depending on other factors like memory bus load.

More information can be found in the PXA Datasheet, available in the respective product page.

Camera interface on the Colibri Evaluation Board

You can find a connector for the camera interface on the Colibri Evaluation Board on "X22 CIF".

Here the pin description:

Pin Signal         SODIMM#     Description
Compatible with all Evaluation Board Versions:
1   +3V3                       Power
2   +3V3                       Power
3   CIF_MCLK       SODIMM_75   Master Clock
4   CIF_PCLK       SODIMM_96   Pixel Clock
5   CIF_LV(Hsync)  SODIMM_94   Line Clock
6   CIF_FV(Vsync)  SODIMM_81   Frame Clock
7   CIF_DD<0>      SODIMM_71   Data 0
8   CIF_DD<1>      SODIMM_98   Data 1
9   CIF_DD<2>      SODIMM_101  Data 2
10  CIF_DD<3>      SODIMM_103  Data 3
11  CIF_DD<4>      SODIMM_79   Data 4
12  CIF_DD<5>      SODIMM_97   Data 5
13  CIF_DD<6>      SODIMM_67   Data 6
14  CIF_DD<7>      SODIMM_59   Data 7
15  I2C_CLK        SODIMM_196  I2C Clock (4k7 to +3V3)
16  I2C_DATA       SODIMM_194  I2C Data (4k7 to +3V3)
17  CIF_DD<8>      SODIMM_85   Data 8
18  CIF_DD<9>      SODIMM_65   Data 9
19  GND                        Ground
20  GND                        Ground
Compatible with Evaluation Board V3.1:
21  CIF_DD<10>     SODIMM_69   Data 10
22  CIF_DD<11>     SODIMM_77   Data 11
23  +3V3                       Power
24  +5V                        Power