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Production Programming for Colibri PXA Modules


Article updated at 28 Oct 2017
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For the Colibri Txx see: Production Programming for Tegra Modules

There are different ways to program / configure your Colibri modules in production.

Program the complete flash with the Update Tool

See also Copy Flash Region

(Please note that these instructions do not include the CPLD firmware which is present on the Colibri PXA3xx modules.)

Create the master file

  • Set up a Colibri with all your SW and settings. Make sure the Configblock and the Registry are correct, and that your software is on the system (e.g in /FlashDisk).
  • Use the Update Tool to backup the complete flash memory including Bootloader, Configblock, Image, Registry, and all files in the Flash Disk.

Program the master file to other Colibris

  • Take an empty USB memory stick
  • Copy the Update Tool in the root of the USB stick
  • Copy the backup file to the root
  • Create a folder called AutoRun
  • Place a Shortcut in the AutoRun Folder which starts the Update Tool with the following parameters "/u \USB HD\backup.bin". (Instead of using a shortcut file you can also write a small program which starts the update process, so you could add more functionality like tests or logging)

Start the programming

  • Just connect the USB stick with the Colibri and the system will automatically do an update

Build your own production Program

If you need more control over the programming, you can write your own program and use the Update Tool to do the actual programming. The Update Tool has also some other useful command parameters. If you wish to further customize the programming, we can provide an UpdateLib. With this Lib, you can build your own Update Tool. This is, for example, useful if you would like to show your own progress bar.

Partial programming

In case you do not wish to program the complete flash, just make a backup file of each region you would like to program. Available regions include:

  • Bootloader
  • Config Block
  • OS Image
  • Registry
  • File System

Important Information


The modules are normally shipped with the newest version of the Image/Bootloader/CPLD firmware. We change the SW version of the preinstalled Win CE image/bootloader/CPLD firmware without any notification. If you receive a new batch of Colibris, make sure you check the version of the installed SW. If the version is different check the change log file on our server. We recommend that you should always use the newest version. Make sure that your own SW/HW still works fine with the newest Toradex SW. (This is normally the case).

However, it is not possible for all customers to always use the latest Toradex SW. In this case you can override all the Colibri SW with your tested version of the SW. If the HW version of the Colibri has changed, you need to verify if the "old" SW is still 100% compatible. If you are not sure, you can contact the support.

Programming Risk

If a power loss occurs while programming data, the flash could get corrupted. As long as the Bootloader is not damaged, you can always use it to restore the module. If the bootloader is damaged, you need JTAG to restore the module. To eliminate the risk of damaging the Bootloader while programming, we can provide a fail safe Bootloader. For more information about the fail safe Bootloader option, contact the support.