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Article updated at 03 May 2021
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Toradex has an extensive partner network as part of its ecosystem aimed toward helping customers achieve their goals with the lowest cost-of-ownership and fastest time-to-market. In an effort to help accelerate this, Toradex and its partners have worked together to bring forth partner demo images for evaluation.

The images are provided in the Toradex Easy Installer format and are available from our feeds for online installation, and also as download tarballs for offline installation.

Note: Partner demo images are evaluation images and therefore are not supported by Toradex. Please contact the respective partner if you have questions or issues.

How to install

Refer to the Toradex Easy Installer article for instructions on how to load it on the target and install the image you are interested in.

List of images

The table below provides an overview of the partner demo images available and links to their respective cover pages. You will find the download links on each partner demo image page.

Partner Demo Image Summary Overview
Built with Qt Qt Company Qt for Device Creation Light-weight, Qt-optimized, full software stack for embedded Linux systems
Kynetics Android Kynetics Kynetics Android Android port to Toradex hardware by Kynetics
Acontis Technologies Acontis Technologies acontis EC-Master EtherCAT Stack EtherCAT System implementation by Acontis Technologies
BlackBerry QNX BlackBerry QNX QNX Neutrino Real-time Operating System QNX Neutrino RTOS port to Toradex hardware
Direct Insight QNX Direct Insight Direct Insight - QNX Neutrino Real-time Operating System Direct Insight - QNX Neutrino RTOS port to Toradex hardware
AWS Pasta Demo Amazon Web Services AWS AI at the Edge Pasta Detection End-to-end demonstration of pasta detection using deep learning and connected to the AWS cloud
MVTec Embedded vision MVTec Software GmbH MVTec Embedded Vision HPeek Demo The essence of MVTec HALCON's key features and performance, ease of use in Machine Vision
Mender & Toradex Mender Easy Installer Secure and robust Over The Air update manager solution for connected embedded Linux devices
DiSTI GL Studio DiSTI Corporation DiSTI GL Studio DiSTI's technology of GL Studio showcased in a UI with the look and feel of automotive design
TES 3D Surround View TES Eletronic Solutions TES 3D Surround View 3D representation of a vehicle driver assistance system based on the input of cameras, GPU optimized
ITTIA DB SQL for Device Data Management Demo ITTIA ITTIA DB SQL for Device Data Management Interactive relational database utilities and management system for intelligent embedded systems