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Mounting Holes (Woodpecker, Robin)

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Article updated at 26 Sep 2012

There are four mounting holes on the Woodpecker and the Robin. Plese refer to the datasheet for the position. On the Module Woodpecker and Robin the holes are connected to GND.

Baseboard recommendation

On the baseboard the mounting holes can be handled in several ways. For comparison the advantages are listed.

Left unconnected

  • Avoids ground loops
  • Return current (from main power supply) returns always over connector, not over standoffs

Connected directly to the GND plane

  • Improves the shielding
  • Lowers thermal resistance from pad to GND planes.

Connected over 0R resistor to GND

  • Improves the shielding
  • May be disassembled if ground loops or ground currents over standoffs lead to problems

Thermal considerations

The standoffs may help to dissipate some power from the module over the baseboard. But the standoffs have a very small influence on the heat dissipation.