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Long Term Availability


Article updated at 20 Oct 2021
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Long life-cycles and long term product support are very important for Toradex and our products. When designing a product Toradex chooses embedded components with a long lifetime. This guarantees long term availability and minimizes necessary changes over the lifetime of a product. This makes our product perfect for applications where long term product availability is a must.

Computer on Modules

We provide 10+ years of life-cycle for all our computer modules. We have three ARM computer on module families, the Apalis, Colibri and Verdin modules. They are not competing or replacing each other. All families are continuously developed and maintained by Toradex.

Inside a family, all modules are pin-compatible, given that the default configuration is kept and/or guidelines with regards to pin-compatibility are met: for instance, there may be pins that are compatible with all SoMs but there may be pins that are SoM-specific. This ensures an easy migration to a newer module in case an older module reaches the end of its life.

Active Development

We are continuously adding new family members to:

Long-term Availability

For details about the long-term availability of particular modules, please check the Minimum Availability row in:

Carrier Boards

We have two categories of Carrier Boards:

Evaluation boards: meant for use during development-only. - We don't specify any life-time for them. - We might change them in order to even better allow product evaluation.

Volume production boards: can be used for evaluation and development, but also deployed in production. - We don't have any plans to discontinue any of these carrier boards. - Our plan is to keep these carrier boards as long as we provide compatible computer modules.

Evaluation Boards

For the Apalis family:

For the Colibri family:

For the Verdin family:

Volume Production Boards

For the Apalis family:

For the Colibri family:

For the Verdin family:

Other Hardware, Add-On products

The main products of Toradex are computer modules. Please note that some of our other products are just for evaluation, if you require long term availability of other products please contact our support to make sure the availability meets your requirements.

Embedded Linux

Linux is an open-source operating system suitable for embedded systems. Toradex maintains an in-house embedded Linux BSP.

We provide stable releases aiming for long-term support. You can check Toradex Embedded Linux BSP Support Strategy for additional information.

WinCE / Windows Embedded Compact

Windows CE is an embedded Operating System designed for long term support. Microsoft is committed to Windows CE/Compact and already has the next version on their road map.

Toradex provides support and updates for the lifetime of the supported modules.

Note: Windows Embedded Compact is reaching end-of-life, please consider using Torizon, our easy-to-use platform that has been designed as a migration path for WinCE users. If you already use WinCE, read the article Windows Embedded Compact End-of-Life (EOL).

Product Change Notifications

With such long life cycles, it is inevitable that sometimes we need to make changes to a product to continue to ensure availability. We always endeavor to minimize the impact to our customers when such changes are made and preserve backward compatibility, ensuring smooth transitions to the latest product revisions. We send out product change notifications to customers ordering volume production products such as our modules or certain carrier boards.

Please check the revision history of individual modules for the respective product change notifications.