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Lily not powering up with some CF cards inserted (Woodpecker)

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Article updated at 26 Sep 2012

Description of Problem

The Lily Baseboard can not power up the 3.3V rail when some types of CompactFlash cards are plugged in. The CF card causes a short circuit at the 3.3V rail which triggers the over current protection and shuts down the 3.3V and 5V power supply immediately. So far, the problem only occurs with the following CF card:

InnoDisk iCF 8000


Place the write protect jumper (X37) to the read only position (CF RO). Writing to the affected card will still work in this position. If the Jumper X37 is set to CF R/W, pin 36 (WE#) of the CF card is grounded. The affected CF card will short in this case the power supply to ground. Other cards do not face this problem when pin 36 is shorted.