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Gumstix Upverter


Article updated at 15 Jun 2021
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Upverter is a drag and drop designer tool to create carrier boards.


  • Free Design Files and 3D Model Files On-Demand - Upverter generates EagleCAD, .BRD and .SCH files of your design on-demand, as well as instant pricing, datasheets, and .STL models.

  • Rapid Manufacturing - Carrier boards designed and ordered in Upverter reduce engineering costs and errors. Upverter automates the PCB routing, BOM, fabs, and assembly. Electronics arrive pre-tested, application-ready, and fully assembled in 15 business days.

  • Auto BSP - With the AutoBSP feature you don't need to port the Toradex BSP to your custom board, Upverter does that for you.

  • Altium Viewer - With the Altium Viewer embedded in the Upverter interface, it also provides Altium Designer project files and high-quality PDF schematics.

Get Started

In a joint-effort with Gumstix, Toradex provides the Upverter - Online Carrier Board Designer Tool directly on the Toradex website:

Upverter - Online Carrier Board Design Tool by Gumstix

Software Support on Embedded Linux

There are two major Embedded Linux offerings provided by AutoBSP:

  • An open-source custom Yocto distribution.
  • Torizon, a ready-to-use distribution maintained by Toradex.
    • Torizon has all Gumstix device drivers included.
    • The custom device tree generated by AutoBSP for your board can be easily integrated on Torizon.
    • Support of AutoBSP on Torizon is a work-in-progress, please contact us if you need it.


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