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Fan connector pinout

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Article updated at 28 Oct 2017

Woodpecker and Robin baseboards may implement a fan connector. Due to easy available fans on the consumer PC market the same connector has been used. (The 3 pin connector has been used, not the 4 pin connector)

  • Tyco 3-641126-3


  • 1 GND
  • 2 +12V
  • 3 tacho signal (often not implemented)

Unfortunately the pinout in the schematic of the following carrierboards and documents is wrong:

  • Lily V 1.0
  • Lily V 1.1
  • Lily V 2.0
  • Design Guide for ETXexpress Carrier Boards Rev. 1.4 / May 17, 2007

In order to assure compatibility with consumer PC market fans the connector itself was assembled 180° turned. So, in the end the fan can be plugged and is working.

4 pin fan connector

The 3 pin connector is recommended for carrierboard designs. The following picture of a 4 pin connector serves only as reference for the pinout numbering.

Reference document