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Article updated at 28 Oct 2017
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This Windows program converts a OS binary file into a format that works with the Toradex Tool Chain.

You can download the Tool from the folder "Special" in our Download Section


This tool creates a bin file which is compatible with the Toradex toolchain.

Usage: CreateTBin  [-a ][-options] 

   This is an executable rom file (File starts with the first instruction. File extension required!)
    -a  Set base address. RAM starts at 0x8000_0000 for all Colibris (Virtual Address). Default imgAddress is 0x8010_0000
    -w               Make WinCE bin
    -l               Make Linux bin (enables Kernel argument feature (U-BOOT emulation))
    -q               Make QNX bin
    -j               Make bootloader bin (e.g. U-BOOT)
    no option        Make general bin (e.g. OS-9, other OS)


CreateTBin uboot.rom -a 0x0 -j        -> Creates a bootloader bin file (starts at power-on)
CreateTBin myOS.rom -a 0x80100000     -> Creates a general OS bin file, start address in RAM at offset 0x0010_0000
CreateTBin qnx.rom -a 0x80030000 -q   -> Creates a QNX bin file, start address in RAM at offset 0x0003_0000