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Create a new VC++ project

Article updated at 28 Oct 2017
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Before starting to create a new Visual C++ application project in Visual Studio 2008, please refer to the article on how to setup development environment here.

Creating a VC++ project

1. Start Visual Studio 2008.

2. On the File menu, click New and then Project. The New Project dialog box appears.

3. In the Project types pane, expand Visual C++ node and select Smart Device. In the list of templates, select Win32 Smart Device Project.

4. Specify a name and a location for the application and then click OK. Uncheck the Create directory for solution box.

5. In the Welcome to Win32 Smart Device Project Wizard, select Next.

6. In Platforms window, select Toradex_CE600 for Windows CE6 and Toradex_CE700 for Windows Embedded Compact 7. The screenshot references old SDK names, those have been replaced in the new SDKs, if you have projects that still use the old SDK, you can find information about how to migrate them here. Click Next.

7. In Project Settings, under Application type select Console application. From Additional options, select Empty project. Click Finish.

8. In the Solution Explorer, right click on Source Files. Select Add. From the list, select New Item...

9. In the Add New Item window, from Categories, select Code. From the Visual Studio installed templates, select C++ File (.cpp). Assign the name as vcppdemo.c

10. Edit the code as follows:

#include <windows.h>
int wmain(void)
    printf("Welcome to Toradex");  //print the string
    getchar();                     //get character before exit
    return 0;

11. To build the VC++ application project, in the Build menu, click Build Solution.

NOTE: Before deploying the project to Colibri module, connect the Colibri to the PC using a USB cable (On Iris - Micro-USB type connector at Colibri side and USB A type at the PC side, On Colibri Evaluation board - Micro-USB or USB B type connector at Colibri side and USB A type at the PC side). Power up the board. The device will be shown as connected in Windows Mobile Device Center (for Windows 7) or Active Sync (for Windows XP) in a few seconds. Click on CeRHost to start the Remote Display(PC side).

12. To deploy the project, in the Build menu, click Deploy Solution.

13. After deploying, on the Colibri module, open My Device. Select Program Files. The vcppdemo folder contains a .exe file to run the application.

14. Double click the .exe to Run the application.

You can download project source code from here.