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Carrier Board (Woodpecker, Robin)

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Article updated at 27 Nov 2017
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Since Woodpecker and Robin are COM Express Modules, it is necessarily to have a carrier board where the needed connectors are placed, power supply is done. etc.

Toradex Carrier boards

  • Lily, A version for Robin and one for Woodpecker available.
  • Daisy, A Pico-ITX (100x72mm) form factor baseboard for Robin.

Developing a carrier board

For most of the applications developing a specific carrier board is necessary. Toradex provides reference schematic in order to ease development and reduce the risk. Toradex may also develop carrier boards for customers.

Woodpecker and Robin Reference Documents

For detailed technical information about the components of the Robin module and the COM Express™ standard, please refer to the documents listed below.

COM Express™ Design Guide

Guidelines for designing a COM Express™ carrier board:

Important: Do not use a zero delay buffer for the LPC Clock. If your design has more than one LPC Clock sink, use a normal clock buffer instead.

COM Express™ Reference Board Schematics

Schematic diagrams of the Toradex Lily Carrierboard:

Schematic diagrams of the COM Express™ evaluation carrier board:

Carrierboards from other manufacturers

for Woodpecker

The following Carrier boards are tested with Woodpecker:

for Robin

The following Carrier boards are tested with Robin: