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AutoCopy and EarlyAutoCopy


Article updated at 28 Oct 2017
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If you create a folder named "AutoCopy" in the root of any volume, any file you put in this folder will automatically be copied to the "\" (root folder). This operation is performed by the Launcher Tool). By default the Lauchner gets triggered after all drivers are loaded and just before the explorer is launched. Like the AutoRun feature, this also works on removable media such as USB Sticks.

This functionality cannot be used to copy drivers to the \Windows folder if they need to be there at boot time. The copy task is executed after all drivers are loaded. For more information about this issue see driver installation.


Copy the file "SampleData.dat" from an USB Memory Stick to \FlashDisk\TestProgram\Data on the Colibri.

  • Create the following folder structure on the USB Memory stick:

\Autocopy\FlashDisk\TestProgram\Data and copy the "SampleData.dat" in this folder.

  • When you connect the USB Stick to the Colibri it will copy the file automatically to the specified folder.

Disable AutoCopy

To disable this feature see how to disable the launcher.


Note: This feature is introduced in images released after July 2017. Compared to the AutoCopy feature the EarlyAutoCopy gets triggered before all drivers are getting loaded. If you create a folder named "EarlyAutoCopy", any file you put in this folder will automatically be copied to the "\" (root folder). The folder EarlyAutoCopy must be located on the _\FlashDisk_ root folder. This feature is disabled by default.

This feature can also be used to copy drivers to the \Windows folder.

Enable EarlyAutoCopy

In order to enable EarlyAutoCopy you have to modify a registry entry. You need to set the following key in the in the registry:

EarlyAutoCopy=dword:1      # 1 = Feature enabled, 0 = Feature disabled. Default value is 0

On some Platforms the Wait4FlashDisk driver is disabled by default. Remove the "__" prefix in the driver DLL under [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Drivers\BuiltIn\Wait4FlashDisk] to enable the driver.


Check the example from the AutoCopy feature.